Cancelling Nitro due to planned NFT integration


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  • str8out

    Do you consider yourself morally superior to someone that likes NFTs?

    Damn that's a crazy hill to die on.

  • Ecto_space

    "Do you consider yourself morally superior to someone that likes NFTs"

    well DUH obviously

  • Noirscape

    It's so funny that this str8out person has made at least two posts about this. Take the L, buddy.

  • str8out


    I assume you are completly at one with the world, completely detached from every sinful and harmful activity in the world, you are vegan, don't use iPhones assembled by Chinese and bangladeshi child labourers, don't consume fast fashion brands, dont buy blood diamonds, only consume carbon neutral brands and certainly don't use any vehicle powered by fossil fuels. 


    Otherwise you are just a virtue signaling nobody trying to appear superior to your tribe when in reality you are an angry mob devoid of purpose or meaning that takes pride in attacking other people hobbies and preferences.  In sum, you are as much as a miserable human being as anyone commenting here, including me, you are not morally superior to anyone, don't let your ego think otherwise. 

  • !?

    your mom suck me good and hard thru my jorts lol

  • soraka

    str8out, just because some things are unavoidable, doesn't mean we can't stand up against the environmental destruction like this. it's like that "we should improve society somewhat" "yet you participate in society? curious!" comic. being unable to afford handmade clothing is different from deciding to contribute a lot to global warming to buy a receipt of a (quite possibly stolen) image.


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