NFTs bad or good ?


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  • The dude with common sense

    Oh you sweet summer child...


    you have no idea what you're doing, are you?

  • MagnetiCube

    I oppose crypto currency and NFTs because I understand how they work.

  • unity

    how do i downvote a forum post twice?

  • Plagui Boi

    "I hope that discord makes a cohesive and clear introduction to NFTs and ETH"

    May all your bacon burn, all your medical shots hurt, and may you actually learn that NFTs harm the environment in horrible ways just so people gain ACCESS to Shitty Microsoft Paint art.

  • snail

    fun fact, sometimes researching something will make you hate it more. before researching crypto, i thought it was stupid because it felt like a money laundering scheme. now i have learned that it is in fact a money laundering scheme. please take a bath


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