Hey, Discord? We’re NOT doing crypto or NFTs


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    A cute Pikachu lmao exactly. They cry about the pollution from crypto, while they support wind farms, continue buying plastic and driving cars, etc.

    Then these hypocrites use relativism to justify it their hypocrisy.

  • A cute Pikachu

    Honestly they're not going to care about one person leaving so threatening that you're going to leave is pointless. It is sad seeing people complain about how it is hurting the environment or how it's going to destroy the economy when we do much worse stuff than this and we don't even care about that but when we get into crypto that's when everyone starts to whine and complain about it. Honestly if people care about the environment stop driving your car take public transport get a electric vehicle or walk more. You know this is a lot like when people complained about 5G and how it was going to give you cancer when in all reality the technology is safe


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