Cancelled my Nitro :) NFTs are an environmental risk


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  • Prethor

    You've read some nonsense on twitter and you're repeating it like a dumb sheep.

  • Fangirl🍇

    well said op, ignore the dumbass above me, discord staff definitely screwed up here. idk who even thought this was ok, but it's making them all a bunch of hypocrites. if they keep going the direction they're going they're losing a huge chunk of their userbase.

    (i dont use twitter btw, so before the other guy tries to say the same thing, you're just stupid and people have their own opinions. its just most of them aren't "on your side")

  • Nebs

    Fangirl🍇 thanks for the supportive reply! and honestly, all these cryptobro trolls calling us sheep for hating nfts really need to take a good look in the mirror, then go outside and touch grass LOL or well, considering they are into crypto it really goes to show they don't want there to be grass to touch in the first place lmao


    again, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to respond to my message :)


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