Who needs a planet to live on when you can have NFTs?


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  • Prethor

    You're just repeating some bullshit you've read on twitter, aren't you. So dumb.

  • effleurager

    Oh sure, qualified computer scientist cannot read white-papers and contemplate the consequences of the growth of Proof of Work (and Proof of Stake [albeit, more slowly]) algorithms in terms of energy usage. Definitely need Twitter to explain that. 💁🏽

  • effleurager

    Sockpuppet spam accounts are pathetic.

  • Prethor

    effleurager For a computer scientists you seem to severely lack intelligence.

    How much energy does the traditional, corrupt banking system use? What's the percentage of green energy used in proof of work vs traditional banking? What are the pros and cons of decentralized vs centralized financial system? Are the benefits worth the energy investment?

    Do you know what's actually a much larger industry than crypto and completely useless? Gaming. If you're a gamer you're destroying the planet by using electricity for dumb, useless things like games. Are you prepared to stop using your computer for anything not related to work?

  • Fennaixelphox

    Prethor Aww, look, the member since yesterday thinks he has an opinion


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