Disagreements with the recent tendings towards crypto and NFTs


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  • Prethor

    You're just repeating some nonsense you read on twitter, aren't you.

  • Moon Marshmallow

    well said, the power draw of minting even a single coin of ethereum is enough to power entire cities. its incredibly ridiculous and even more so that discord would even hint at implementing them.

  • a small pebble

    Prethor out here whining about people "repeating what they read on twitter" while also repeating the same little complaint on every single comment that is anti-NFT, while also not providing any evidence to actually back them up.... way to prove a point bud

  • Fangirl🍇

    op's 100% right tho, companies may be latching onto nfts now bc it's a quick cash grab, but ultimately it's gonna lead them into the wrong direction, especially when they continue to ignore the loads of people actively hating it


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