Keep calm, this is a loud minority attacking you for NFT implementation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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  • QR_Query

    NFTs are an absolute scam

    Nasty F*cking Things.

    Non Fungible means LITERALLY NOTHING. You are paying for a JPEG.

  • 6584

    Not to mention, NFTs are also a huge place for profiting off stolen works (copyright infringement) since it's too hard to enforce. Also a huge waste of electricity. It takes approximately 180,000 wH for a single ethereum transaction, which is the equivalent of running a toaster oven continuously for 150 hours.

  • homekeys

    imagine doing any amnt of research into how NFTs are made and the numerous problems surrounding them when u could just blame reddit and wash ur hands of it.

    there is alrdy work being done to negate the environmental impact of basic living and reduce energy waste, but tbh basic living for any creature involves using resources. the thing is that theyre reasonable needs and theres ways of offsetting it, the creature that eats grass will shit fertilizer and such. the volume of energy NFTs and other crypto ventures use is impossible to offset by any single individual using them, most ppl do not even do this, and the end result is exclusively beneficial to ur ego and a scam artists pocket. it exists for the sake of capital. u minting NFTs does nothing for anyone, and even if u use the excuse of entertainment (we're being honest with ourselves - entertainment is valuable and we use resources for it) ur using such an absurd amnt of resources and causing such an absurd amnt of pollution over an algorithmically generated image that theres no justifying it. when i boot up a video game im not using the same amnt of energy as a household might for a yr to do so.

    also i dont think discord cares abt ur reassurances, they have access to the nitro numbers themselves and have alrdy started scrambling to get ppl re-subbed lmfao


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