Keep calm, this is a loud minority attacking you for NFT implementation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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  • Korpuskat

    This is not a "minority." This is a majority, because most Discord users don't care about crypto but a sizeable portion will actively leave and host communities- pulling the neutral parties- with them to new apps. 

    1 ETH transaction uses more energy than a household does for a week, this is not 'accidentally leaving the lights on' this is an absurd amount of energy being used solely as a receipt for a non-tangible idea that has no actual real-world price and can be outsmarted by rclick -> save. 

  • chaos pyromancer

    go back to wasting your money on ugly monkey pictures

  • tobin

    also you NFT crybabies always try to place the blame on people as a whole and not the actual bad guy. "how are you complaining about massive energy usage when you... hrm... (scratches head) use your refrigerator?" and other bs claims. whenever you bring up crypto and NFT being awful for the planet you head-in-the-sand weirdos always bring up the same counterclaims that fall apart within a second of even thinking about them.

    my daily energy usage comes nowhere close to the amount of energy NFTs produce, but i guess since i have my computer on for a few hours a day my argument is completely nonexistent LMFAO.

    maybe you should listen to yourself speak instead of sucking elon musk's boot.

  • Ecto_space

    a loud minority huh? well if you take a look at the amount of posts talking negatively about this nft BS, vs the positive posts, AND look at the upvote/downvote ratio, the vast majority of people have common sense and don't want to burn the planet down for your money laundering ugly ass monkey jpegs

  • tobin

    you just had to lick the boot, not deepthroat it lmfao. using big words won't make you sound smart, bud.

    i like how you say "idle threats" as if you have any proof of that, here's my proof of me actively cancelling my sub.


  • MozarteanChaos

    "how DARE you say this thing is bad?! why aren't you talking about THIS thing that isn't relevant to the conversation, instead?!"

  • shoudesuka_mechadork


  • tobin

    hypocrisy? you're comparing apples to oranges. the energy that i use myself is not comparable to NFTs. that's the whole point

  • doodlemancy

    lmao crypto users are not a majority on any platform, if they were your fake money would be able to buy something other than stolen art, hideous cartoon animal picrews and maybe an overpriced gaming PC. you guys just got louder and more annoying this year and the rest of us are sick of you.

  • Konjus

  • The dude with common sense

    NASB NET MSG Oh, we do understand, and we absolutely do not want it due to how much enviromental WASTE NFTs and Etherium is.


    You're talking to a computer geek who's been into how computers work, yet you claim you do, but in reality, you only believe in POSITIVE BUZZWORDS about NFTs just to get into a money-laundering scheme, you cuck

  • shoudesuka_mechadork

    Always tragic to see the sunk cost fallacy in action.

  • The dude with common sense

    NASB NET MSG keep talking, NFT cuck.

  • MozarteanChaos

    ftr i think "the dude with common sense" isn't making a good argument either, considering the slurs. crypto and NFT bad but jesus christ, dude, you really don't need to stoop to their level to argue with 'em.

  • Fennaixelphox

    This you?

  • Fangirl🍇

    the denial that the majority of the discord community doesn't support this (despite the many many posts speaking out against it, and need i mention the upvote/downvote ratios) is REAL. good god yall, take one look at the recent threads and tell me again that we're in the ""loud minority""

  • The dude with common sense

    Also nice job NASB NET MSG btw

    You found out you're arguing with an 18 year old programmer <3

  • TheSuperestNova

    Hey you wanna provide some statistics and sources to back up your claims? Show me proof that "the vast majority" are accepting. What percent? Where'd you get the data? NFTs aren't just an energy. A single NFT is produced by the same power it takes to power a house in a workweek. With the majority of world power being based on fossil fuels, the climate crisis is only getting worse with crypto and NFTs

  • evol


  • The dude with common sense

    NASB NET MSG The world would rather be fine if you were actually wiped off of the planet first, cryptocuck ;)

  • The dude with common sense

    NASB NET MSG At least I ain't wasting my college funds on a JPEG! <3

  • The dude with common sense


  • Flash on F

    The world belongs to crypto.

    Did the world belong to the German Reich in the 40s though? 

    I don't care who you are, I don't care what you look like, I don't care how many followers you have on XYZ social media to make you right in this situation. Just shut up and deal wit the fact people are like this.

  • The dude with common sense


    From: A Dude with common sense

    By the way, anyone that you're trying to convince to use NFTs aren't gonna do so, buddy. They're gonna make fun of you for being a bootlicker.


    this Nathaniel Munoz Darkenson aka Neil Hernandez kid is massive cringe.


    The dude with common sense Ok buddy, this is a pic of me and my face when you got me


    doodlemancy More and more businesses are accepting crypto as a form of payment. More and more banks are accepting crypto as a reserve currency. More and more institutions are adopting crypto. GOVERNMENTS are not only adopting crypto (some RELY on crypto as their currency), but they're actually looking to DEVELOP their own.

    On a side note, I guarantee I'll make more money from crypto investment than you'll make in your entire life.


    shoudesuka_mechadork I'm not making a sunk cost fallacy. I'm telling people to put energy to things they can actually change, instead of kvetching about things they have no actual likelihood of changing.


    The dude with common sense Again, for the 4th or 5th time, I never bought a single NFT image. Also, I guarantee I know more than you about programming. Front-end coding is the easiest thing, but that seems to be all you f----ts care about.


    MozarteanChaos The conversation has been pollution and money laundering.

    I've been repeatedly saying there are much bigger pollution problems, of which you hypocrites can ACTUALLY counteract, but refuse to counter out of your own laziness and relative justification... instead choosing to get on a high horse pretending to be some moral superior.

    I've been repeatedly saying that there are other applications of NFTs than just images.


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