Discord, put out a statement on NFTs.


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  • doodlemancy

    Yep. Still waiting. I've got a week left of Nitro and I'd LIKE to keep it, but I can live without it. It's only their own choices keeping my money away from them.

  • bananeyfish

    Same here. I'm stunned at the lack of communication following such a massive community outrage. We need answers; this is ridiculous.

  • Mana/Kat

    I'm still very disgusted that they are just "pausing" the implementation of NFTs right now, we need a clear answer and the only correct answer is "no NFTs".

  • Dinoburger

    right on, I know myself and others are going to keep reminding people not to renew their nitro or to discontinue until a statement is given out, and keep informing others the needless hazards of cryptocurrency - waiting it out like this isn't going to change my mind whatever happens, it'll just make me lose more and more respect for the Discord team

  • MozarteanChaos

    the longer they stay silent, the more suspicious it gets


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