Discord is needlessly intrusive, ugly to look at, terrible to use


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  • Ydupc

    Dear Anon,
    If you do not like the style of Discord then you can go if you wish. As Discord complies with the Data Protection Act 1988 (a law within the uk) and similar laws to do with such data protection, thus meaning that they can be trusted. It is your choice, but email addresses are only used to verify your account, same as phone numbers.

    Also, I have never heard of Discord sponsoring any one on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, etc. So your last statement is completely incorrect. 

    What you have just stated within this post is completely rude, and there aren't "ads" everywhere. And such grey rectangles you speak of is the general interface design it has been for many years. Try to be polite when leaving discord.

  • MozarteanChaos

    accounts on most sites and applications require an email address, in order to verify your account and provide notices about it. that's a normal part of the modern internet. 

    there are much better things to complain about, here.

  • Anon

    Yes, thank you anime fan, I indeed will be leaving Discord. It's of no surprise to me at all that someone such as yourself would take criticism of your grooming platform as some kind of rude personal attack - that's how anime fans, and rabid Discord fanboys do.

    Your reply regarding the ads is completely false - within a minute of opening Discord I have already been shown 3 ads. Most of them for Discord related things (merch/nitro), but that's irrelevant, they're still trying to shove products/services down our throats.

    The idea that you think never having heard of something means it doesn't exist is PEAK anime fan behaviour.

    The fact that the useless wasted grey space has been Discord's design for a long time is not an argument in it's favour, it's a failure on the part of Discord's designer.

    And I promise I'll comply with data protection laws too (pinky swear!). Do you want to send me your email and phone number?


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