Number of posts able to be pinned on Forums


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  • NikkoUM [FlightFX]

    Agreed!  It would be immensely helpful to be able to pin multiple posts.  Right now this and the lock without hiding the posts are the two most limiting factors to implementation on our server.  We have been waiting for the forum feature for a while and just need these two things to make it kick ass.

  • OppoNoppo

    Completely agree, we should be allowed to pin multiple posts, and have a option to only lock a post for example to keep it for information only

  • WolfAlice

    Second this! As an admin, this was the first thing I tried to do, and to have a 1 post limit was a shame

  • John B #6969

    Very useful for server upkeep

  • Toniopixy

    Yes ! On our community server we absolutelly need this.


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