It's almost been 31 days on my age appeal, no response on my ticket
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Age restricted? Read this.
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Long response time
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If you have had your account banned, it will not be unbanned
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Discord automatically marking support tickets as solved
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Translator Badges 예정되지 않음
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Discord account got hacked, and the hacker changed the email address
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Unban my account
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Somehow explaining the Discord false bans and support issues
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Discord banned my account for 2 years for false reasons
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Discord is ignoring me please help!
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discord haksız ban
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My account was disabled immediately after registration
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Suspended account
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Add Uplay as a Profile Connection
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A way to check whether account IPs match (NOT VIEW IPs)
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I lost my account to a fake Discord Support staff
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I mistakenly gave into "accidental reporting" scam, and I can't access my account anymore.
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Account compromised by impersonating a Discord Admin named "Yang zhan"
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Please add a way to disable/block the “Discord Updates” DM
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25 days, no response to my ticket about my locked account (age verification)
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I've been falsely banned for being underaged and I do not have an ID
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False warned after sending friend requests
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Sign in with Google
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How long does it take for Discord support to reply within a ticket?
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A lot of confusion on my age appeal requests PLEASE HELP
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Binance Referral Code: VO2P1RYP (June 2024)
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