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    Store "failed to send" messages

    Whenever on 4g/mobile data and sending a text message where the connection drops, @Clyde pops in, removes the message and sais that "an unknown error has occurred" (this message could also be less ...

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    Towards the end of 2019 Youtube released a Progressive Web App for Youtube Music that installs as an actual app on your PC. I think it uses similar API, except the PWA allows integration with media...

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    Please make this happen!I suggested a folder hierarchy server system to the devs about a year ago, and the ticket was closed with "solved" and a link to the feedback page.Once your server list star...

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    Tried the store for the first time a few days back, since there was a promotion for a free game.It completely devastated my connection and made it unusable - almost needless to say, in a household ...