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    Add support for WEBP files for emojis and avatars.

    GIF is so bulky. The file size is even bigger than MP4s and the quality is so terrible. So you guys should add WEBP support. Isn't that simple? WEBP is more efficient than GIF, and it can allow us ...

  • Thalleous Sendaris님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Discord's File Size Limit's Too Small

    Seriously, Discord file size limit is way too small. Even other big messaging platforms like Telegram, has a bigger limit (which even goes up to 2GB), and they can handle a lot of users. What can y...

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    They should increase the file size limit. Like, for example: For non-Nitro users: 8mb > 25mb Nitro Classic: 50mb > 100mb Nitro Full: 100mb > 250mb   The perks when you boost the server is okay thou...