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index.ts의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Auto-Search Emojis

    Just a small feature idea, but when you type the beginning of an emoji, ex: “:dabJuic”, if you click on the emoji button, it should automatically put “dabJuic” in the search bar. It would be nice t...

  • Add an option to disable the iOS/Android tabs

    There should be a way to disable the new iOS/Android chat tabs. This could be a switch in the appearance settings.

  • Markdown in Custom Statuses

    I think it would be cool if we could use basic markdown like bold, __underline__, ~~strikethrough~~ and italics in our custom statuses!

  • 2,500+ Member Push Notifications

    I believe that Discord should allow us to get push notifications for channels that have under 2,500 members even if the server has over 2,500 members. What I mean is this: you are in a large server...

  • Remove Unnecessary Badges

    Hello everyone, I am making this post to address a fix to a problem that I have noticed. The problem is that people are getting desperate to get badges on their profile. I have had more than one pe...

  • [iOS] Revert the bot tag and badge list to how it was before (latest TF update)

    With the latest testflight build, the bot tags were changed from rectangular to a stadium shape (apparently that’s what it’s called). I personally liked the way it was before. Another thing that lo...

  • Delete Roles in the Role Menu

    We should be able to right click other roles in the role menu. For example, if you accidentally created a blank role, it would be a lot faster to just right click it and click confirm in a dialog b...

  • Add a New Easter Egg

    It would be fun if there was a small chance that the message “Several people are typing” would say “Wow! That’s a lot of people talking!”

  • [iOS and Mac] Add handoff support

    On MacOS and iOS there is a feature called [Handoff]( that allows you to run a software on your computer and pick up right where you left off on your phone ...

  • Search Messages from Member by Right-Clicking Their Name

    It would be nice if there was a way to quickly search messages by a user. This could be done by right-clicking the user in chat, mention or on the member list and there would be a button labeled "S...