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Nouche님의 최근 활동
  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Said it at the same time!

    Be warned, this is no useful feature, just a FUNNY one. The idea would be for the app to detect that, if two users send the EXACT same message at roughly the same time (and by that I mean at most ...

  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Extra server boosts should really be less expensive


  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Upload Multiple Photos

    When uploading several image files from our mobile devices’ libraries via Discord at once, we’d like those files to be sent in the order we selected them, as it now seems to be random or maybe base...

  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Priority User

    In voice channels, server mods/admins could have a permission that would “pin” them on top of the user list in a voice channel.

  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    User joined/left your channel

    It would be very handy to be able to turn off voice channel sounds for INDIVIDUAL channels, like keeping the ones we need to know when people join like chatting channels, and turning sounds off for...

  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Clear all notifications

    Maybe I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to do it, but I’d like to have a shortcut to clear all notifications from every server and every private chat. Maybe it could be set on swiping right when yo...

  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦


    This one is a feature I’ve dreamt of for ages! It would be nice to get private groups and direct messages to also display at what time a call ended, so basically when there was no one left in it. ...

  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Download Image

    On mobile—art least on iOS—, tapping to download an image file results in a few seconds of waiting, only to get a dialog window saying “Saved”, that you have to click OK on to hide it. My suggestio...

  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Close DM

    It would be nice if closing a DM conversation didn’t hide the DM category, meaning we’d have to click the corner to show it again.

  • Nouche님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Message NOT Edited

    Very small tweak, During the first week of a message (that grace period during which Discord remembers the time it was sent), Discord could also remember how an edited message was originally, and i...