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jacksn의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Give each user in a group a unique color

    Much like other group chat apps, it would be nice to give each user in a group a different color to help differentiate their messages.

  • Allow webhook url's to be reset

    Webhook URLs should have a reset button, keeping all settings of the webhook, save for the actual URL of it, in case someone else needs to temporarily have access to it or someone accidentally publ...

  • Discord-provided incentives for partnered servers

    Partnered servers should have the ability to request x number of nitro codes/mo or /yr depending on server size. These should be specially tracked so server admins can't redeem them, and should onl...

  • Per-server user hats.

    Roles are great--they're simple and easy to set up. I'd like to see some roles with the ability to use them as a "hat"--you're hoisted and colored in the role list if you have it, but your name is ...