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    Leave voice messages to friends

    Can Discord add in something like Line and WeChat have where you can send voice recordings to friends? Maybe one up them and allow short video messages too.   Each message should be no longer than ...

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    Yeah, I stopped replying to him because it's obvious he's just trying to argue and doesn't really know what he's talking about. All his arguments are basically stating that it's going to cause peop...

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    > Well good for you but not everyone is like that and most will put it on less secure to no security server or know how to do it. People can already do such things with and without Discord. > On to...

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    @Rocks the Squirrel If you do a quick search, you'll see that Discord also has issues with it being hosted officially. There's pros and cons to each method. The fact that I have more options allows...

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    Bad idea cause then people would use it for other means then what its intended for and most times a support nightmare. Also many may abuse it to get IPs and more.Not sure what he's talking about, b...