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DΞXTΞRITY의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • timestamp blocking for Streamer mode

    whenever I take screenshots for friends or memes, I always have to censor out of the time stamp if I ever want to post it that day. It may seem a little bit paranoid, and honestly I could see if ...

  • Gamma Roles

    Reddit Link! (It's the same thing, though) So you know that color in the role selection labelled "Default"? the one that doesn't override other role colors? Well what if that is expanded upon? Imag...

  • Change to the "Display Role Members" setting

      I have a server with different levels of moderator-related roles, and some of the lower-level moderators have names that start with characters or beginning letters (a,b,c), and they appear high...

  • Team Roles

    (Reddit post! It's the exact same...) Ok, so this idea is a bit strange, but here it goes   So I've noticed a lot when groups, streamers mainly, are all in a discord call/voice channel and some of ...

  • coloration for servers (both light and dark)

    Basically, being able to color the background of server differently, for both light and dark. for instance, if your server (for some reason) is based on fire, and thus you want your background red,...