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Anatomis (Perfect)의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • DMP article Near Name

    When a user becomes DMP, they will have ''DMP'' article near their name like BOT. It can be for Discord Staff members too but DMP would be better.

  • New Users Will Automatically Join Official Servers

    Many people ask for invitation links of official servers, so, for inform them, they will automatically join three official servers and they can leave if they want.

  • Let Discord Partners Have At Least 2 Partner Servers

    Might be a bit useless but if a Discord Partner had TWO partnered servers, his chances of losing his badge could be lower.

  • Change Color Of Message

    If there was a button to change our colour of messages, it could be a bit better.

  • A Badge For Disabled Accounts

    When an account gets disabled, and we can't know, that account will have badge that will show it got disabled.

  • One Free Nitro For HSEs

    For HypeSquad Events, Discord can gift a one month Nitro by gmail to that user got accepted as HSE.

  • Give Clyde Permissions Of Message Us When We Are In Many Servers

    When we join more than 50 servers, Clyde will message us that we are in more servers than 50, and will say that we must be more careful, will make a remind of that the server limit we can join is 100.

  • A Message When We Get A New Badge

    When we get a badge, like HypeSquad Events, Discord Partner, Bug Hunter, Clyde will DM us. (It won't when we get HypeSquad house badges, or Nitro. Only HSE, Discord Partner, Bug Hunter.) So when ou...