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cark의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Ideas For Pins (Enamel Pins not on Discord pins)

    So there was a tweet earlier asking for suggestions for pins for events etc, so here I am to list a bunch of ideas, because I love the pins and I have nothing better to do with my Monday night / Tu...

  • Discord x Sharpie

    Be honest, how nice would a blurple sharpie be to use, instead of trying to find other colours to match it

  • Don't automatically join vc when making a server

    I can't find a topic about this and I really don't know why, maybe it's different if people don't frequently make new servers, but as someone who does, the automatic joining vc when creating a new ...

  • More emoji options

    So this is kind of a culmination of a few different ideas that I think would be really good with regards to emojis.  Making emojis only available to certain roles Sometimes emojis are just inside j...

  • Group chat permission

    Basically just allow group chat creators to give other users in the group permission to add/remove people. For my friend group, sometime the person that made the group isn't online, but we want to ...

  • Wiki messages

    There should be a feature for messages which would allow people of the same rank or above to edit their message, this would be really useful in the case that one mod has posted a set of rules, and ...

  • Make people non pingable

    Literally just what the title says, make it possible to make certain users unable to be pinged.  This would be especially helpful in servers for content creators, where the number 1 rule is always ...

  • See how many people join through vanity URL

    So for normal invites you can go to server settings -> invites and see how many people have joined through each invite link, however you can't do the same for a Vanity URL. I think it would be cool...