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  • Frowny님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Gamer mode

    I've recently noticed that lately, discord has been changing their focus from "A voice chat for gamers" and "Time to ditch skype and Teamspeak" to "Your place to talk". This is completely fine, and...

  • Frowny님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    Maybe just make it so that you have to go through 2 warnings. One saying Hey! This is a known IP grabber redirect. You sure you want to go here? and a timer that makes them read it before saying ye...

  • Frowny님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Text channel backgrounds

    I was thinking that it would be neat if there was and option to make boosted servers have a theme! This theme would have a background, customizable text fonts/colours, and if the server members don...