Account got disabled for no valid reason?


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  • Amy

    The only thing you can do is be patient. Keep in mind you've only been waiting for 3 business days.

    Also you can monitor your ticket at to make sure you don't miss an email reply.

  • shac

    your not the only one brother. iv been a early supporter for years been using discord with 0 issues. i have age restriction on private server i follow all the rules discord has and yet i go to work dont use discord for about 3-4 days and when i get back on i cant log in then i go on my pc and it says account disabled sent several emails to them but the clyde bot just responds the same thing. honestly i think its because i forgot my password it only gave me 2 try's then it said account disabled and since then clyde says the same thing and i cant get a real person to help its been about 5 days now all together idk what to do at this point. all my friends iv made over the years lost and for a reason i truly dont know why. rip my main account...

  • cad

    Good luck trying to appeal it, Discord T&S is a joke, 90% of the time they're all bots and you'll get denied the appeal. Let alone they'll most likely block your email after they say that, same happened to me. Tried appealing multiple times, only got 1 response from day 1 from a bot and never got any responses back.

    Tried Twitter and the CEO himself, all failed.

    Lost many good friends and 70$ down the drain.

  • Rem

    Bruh fr. It feels like discord doesn't care about it's users' accounts. They are like "Oh... your account got disabled by us by mistake? Well, we are too busy to fix it or admit it so... just suffer losing your account. Not like it was OUR account. You were just unlucky."

    That's so freaking dumb.

    I spent a lot of $$ in that account and I had many clients Discord is just making my reputation go down hill.

  • cad

    You can try tweeting to Discord hoping for a response or sending the email to the CEO ( but you'll most likely get ignored or get a reply from a bot, quite sad and depressing from a multi million dollar company not being able to get good customer support, hell I've seen Facebook and Instagram have better T&S.

    I also lost an account that was from 2017, was about to have it's 6th anniversary on July, but Discord seems to not ban the user who owns the server but ban all of it's members, no matter the size. It can be a 1k+ server and they won't care. You can tell what they're after from doing this, it's money.


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