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  • TA

    So much of this. I've been dealing with major eye strain recently and an option to voice record would be amazing. Even talk to text I have to look at to make sure it's working. 


  • PepsiPlayzz

    driving while using discord (even voice recordings/notes) does not seem like a great idea tbh

  • Matt

    @PepsiPlayzz well you would use "Hey Siri/Google, make a voice note in Discord".

    There is a major issue implementing this feature however, which is the data center requirements on Discord behalf would be astronomical. They would have to scale up their server infrastructure to consider the terabytes or petabytes upon petabytes of storage required to hold all the recordings. This in hindsight adds more cost and more strain on the network as you're not only just processing audio but you need to store it and serve it.

    Having the feature would be nice as it means Discord could compete with WhatsApp and Telegram of which both allow voice recordings, but I personally don't know a whole lot of people who actually use voice recordings anyway. It's sort of a niche feature.

    Personally, I think text to speech support from "Hey Siri/Google" than direct voice notes would suffice better.


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