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  • PepsiPlayzz

    First and foremost, I would do anything in your power to cancel your active subscription with Discord. If you are using PayPal, follow this help center article to cancel your automatic payment settings. This is your first line of defense, as Discord has quite literally -1 security when it comes to purchasing Nitro gifts then reselling them.

    If you had access to the original email, and you submitted the ticket using that email, you should be all set - but be prepared to wait.

    It's likely your account is already placed on hold right now, or, in other words, is locked - that's the best case scenario, of course. If you had 2FA enabled, your server is protected from deletion.


    As for how long to wait... don't freak out, but hacked account tickets often take upwards of 2 weeks to resolve. I've seen it all this year: 14 days, 20 days, 45 days, hell, even 90 days. There's really no surefire time. Just cooperate when more information is requested and things should work.

  • akuzraze

    Well, did you recover your account?


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