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  • poochyena

    do you remember your phone number?

    No, I got a new number number last year and rarely use my phone number for anything, so I usually have to check. Phone numbers are a outdated system of communication.

    but discord is not in the real world. it's on your phone.

    Same as instagram, but few people have to pull out their phone to remember their instagram username. You are making excuses for this without explaining how its better for me or anyone else.


  • RavenFP


  • kamukuras


    Everyone I've spoken to thinks this is a horrible idea. Pause and listen to your userbase, Discord.

    @/kamukuras has been my username on Discord and most other things since 2017, my partner's UN has been the same since 2016. No doubt that both of us will lose our usernames once this rolls out. Discord is the one of the only social networking platforms where my desired username doesn't have to be k.amukuras, k4mukur4s, kamukura_s, ETC.!!

    Also.. making usernames 'easier to remember?' Not a good look to think your users lack so many brain cells that they can't remember four digits. 

  • Meggy

    I’ve had my account since 2015… and this is, by far, one of the stupidest downgrades Discord has ever proposed.

  • Rowan Sophia

    I agree largely with the comments above. I'd say if Discord wants to make friend connections easier there are better ways to reduce this friction rather than completely overhauling the identity system. Please reconsider this.

  • poochyena


    @/kamukuras has been my username on Discord

    No it hasn't. That has been your display name. Your username was kamukuras#0000 (whatever the numbers were). With this change, you can keep everything the same, keep your display name as kamukuras and just keep your username as kamukuras[4 digit number]

  • +1

    this isnt going to stop impersonators they'll just go back to the usual format of impersonation such as @/discord to @/dlscord lol and now people are going to lose their unique alias by having to tack on a bunch of numbers to their handle rather than just being able to be USERNAME#xxxx

    welcome to xbox 2.0

  • meg

    made an account to properly voice against the username change.

    discord itself literally has a feature where you can click on your pre-existing name and it copies both the username AND four-digit code. i cannot stress enough that scrapping this or halting it and reconsidering it is a better idea than going through with this entirely.

  • ScuffedJays

    If this feature is continued i will cancel my subscription and choose alternative methods for gamechat

  • FrenzyyLumina


  • seer0ftime


    With this change, you can keep everything the same, keep your display name as kamukuras and just keep your username as kamukuras[4 digit number]

    So then you agree, the change itself is completely meaningless and does nothing but force people to tack on a bunch more numbers. Glad to know we're all on the same page.

  • mushroom

    +1 this is a terrible idea regardless of what this poochyena idiot in the comments is saying

  • poochyena


    So then you agree, the change itself is completely meaningless and does nothing but force people to tack on a bunch more numbers. Glad to know we're all on the same page.

    We already have to tack on a bunch of numbers. The change is we are no longer forced to have 4 digit numbers. We can have any number we want, or even no number at all! No more random numbers that leave new members confused about what their username is when trying to add people as a friend.

  • Clouds

    I partially understand why these changes are being considered, but overall, the change to usernames will be detrimental to the entire Discord community. Discord is unique in using discriminators to ensure that your account cannot be mistaken for someone else's, and switching to usernames instead will lead to impersonation/fake accounts, MORE spam accounts, username trading/selling, and an overall distaste for Discord "becoming like other social media". Regardless of the statistics in the initial article, it is still much easier to share usernames as they currently are, especially with the QR code function in the Discord app. Forcing a switch to usernames will just make it so much worse.

    Please DO NOT implement this change.

  • Grunyon

    +1 this is supremely stupid

  • Reece Wagener


    Why the hell does discord keep trying to roll out changes that piss off literally everyone that uses their platform? You'd think they'd learn from twitter.

  • Octoling_Grimm

    +1, I made an account just for this. This is an objectively bad idea. This change will put vulnerable users (i.e. people dealing with stalkers, minors) at risk, alienate Discord's market in countries that don't use the Latin alphabet in their primary language (let alone all the places that use accent marks on the Latin alphabet), eliminate discord's perhaps most iconic feature, and give rise to black markets and username squatting, all for essentially no foreseeable gain. This dumpster fire of a "feature" does not solve any of the problems listed in the blog post, and indeed makes many of them worse. I have already canceled my nitro. I would encourage others to do the same now or if the change is implemented.

  • Ezekial



    Why would they not just create something like a custom friend code?
    Basically you would be able to create a new friend code, this would work the same was as adding someone but would be your own, unique, lowercase string.

    You could have it link like vanity urls if you wanted also (discord.gg/user/<customcode> or something)

    This way they don't have to mess with usernames at all, it literally solves all of the issues mentioned except the 1000 variations issue, for this they can just add another integer to the end of the discriminator or allow custom string discriminators for nitro users or something

    These issues are not hard to fix I don't think, there is no real reason to go with what they're doing
    The ONLY use i see for this is being able to say "I am @example on every social" or whatever, which is just not needed anyways, who really cares lol

    tldr; there are better ways to fix this issue!

  • what


    how does discord manage to push out the worst possible updates 

  • opaopa13

    Extremely unhappy with this change. My personal experience is that if I'm friending someone on Discord, I'm almost always already in a server with them, allowing me to Add Friend without needing their discriminator. On the rare occasion when I'm not already in a server with them, I'm almost always communicating online with them, which allows me to copy-paste my Discord username + discriminator and paste it to them with no chance for error. And if we're communicating in person, we'll have our phones with us, allowing me to show them my profile and let them copy down my information directly.

    The proposed use case, in which you meet someone online but DON'T have your phone and DON'T have any way of writing down the information for the other party, but are forced to simply shout your memorized username and discriminator at them and hope they remember it long enough to get back to their computer, is so wildly niche that I don't understand how it's being used as the justification for this change.

    And the thing is, will the change even HELP in that case? If your preferred username is "Mike," then right now you have to communicate "Mike#0982" to someone in the "making a new Discord friend IRL, with no phones, both parties must rely solely on memory" bizarre use case you've concocted. But in the new system, there's no way you'll be the one to get "Mike"! So you're back to needing to say, "Oh yeah, my username is @_mike25x," which is hardly an improvement!

    I also don't understand how the article can talk about how it's important to allow people to use non-alphanumeric characters in their names (plenty of languages use non-alphanumeric characters! Accents, apostrophes, etc!), but the proposed solution is "we're taking those away from usernames". You identified a problem, then came up with a solution that makes that worse!

    What we're losing with this change in a lot: the ability to have one's preferred username (aside from extremely common usernames, which this change doesn't help with), the ability to use non-alphanumeric characters in your username (those matter too! It's not just display names that matter!), control over how easy you are to find on Discord by being selective in who you share your discriminator with, account selling... plus, since the username change is happening in waves, couldn't that allow a malicious actor with an older account to intentionally jump on someone else's username and impersonate them, or camp it, etc.?

    This seems like an utterly awful change. I hope you will not go through with it.

  • The Axolotl God

    +1, horrible idea. I'll likely have my name still since it's mostly unique and I joined in 2016, but this is one of the dumbest changes that discord has come up with since its creation. Do not push this change through.

  • mukbun

    Terrible idea, people WILL impersonate other users or try to bribe them into getting the name.  very excited for a user named "Offical [BRAND] Support" to try and scam people.

  • Kiwwa Qween

    In the example case of someone communicating with you IRL and wanting to tell you their Discord to add it later and you don't have your phone for some reason, they could literally WRITE IT DOWN FOR YOU. Pencils and papers exist still, and given that people will be forced to add discriminating numbers themselves, the new system doesn't solve anything.

  • Ldezibel

    Imma be honest with you Stefano, Discord. But Stefano because one of my besties actually has the very same name so writing this feels like writing him. And I'll do my best to be constructive as possible, don't worry.

    Subjectively I'm on the more harsher disliking side on this issue.

    1. I don't like it, because it takes away my integrity by being forced to adapt if someone has my unique username. Yes I can change my display name, I know. But let me tell you, I'm in more than 100 Servers. If this update comes out, I'd be forced to change my display name on every one of those one by one by one by one. At least on every one of those that allows me to do this anyway.
    2. It removes the unique feeling I had when using Discord. The sole reason I'm not using Guilded, Revolt or whatever's out there is because Discord always felt like home. These Discriminators, let's say they are confusing for some new people, they are part of what makes this home feel like home. It may not be like my roof is missing over my head but it's like my favourite carpet is being pulled under my feet and nothing's truly wrong with it
    3. The reasons provided seem a bit dishonest to me. Look, I mean no disrespect. I don't know any of you personally but I had alot to do with you guys. I had some support tickets, was on some events, I'm part of Hypesquad and Hypesquad Events, plus I take regularly part in digital events whenever. While I see you from different angles, I know there's a layer of professionalism there. But I also work in a very similar place, just a different industry and you seem to be genuinely honest people. This...announcement tho, it smelled fishy. It read like it wasn't actually written by Discord Staff. It's suspicious you know. A gut feeling you may say

    Now this is about how I feel right? I mean this isn't straight facts, this is just my gut feeling about this whole situation. Cool.

    Now from a standpoint more objectively viewed with my professional experience from Social Media, IT and Web Entertainment.

    1. While the general thought idea and decision is understandable in face of current inflation related need of cost-reduction, it's not a wise decision this late in the company's journey to change something so essential, may it seem so small and irrelevant. This indicator is part of a users identity, through customization offered by the subscription-based premium status 'Nitro' you created an environment where users heavily enjoy their freedom of identity. By taking away the discriminators and giving everyone a unique username, you're removing this freedom.
    2. Discord already has an issue with scammers, bots and phishers. While 2FA is an essential tool for users to combat this, they're not invulnerable to it. From a black market discord account traders point of view, accounts will now have a higher interest according to the unique username they'll have. This will see an influx of scamming and phishing attempts creating a more unsafe environment for discord users. This can and will lead to a loss of interest in the platform itself and provide you with a major step back.
    3. If you know anything about ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) you'll recognize that according to ITIL4's Service Value System, a change to a system nigh all users are already used to will provide no value and therefor is a bad decision as service provider.

    Instead let's follow the base principles of ITIL to establish what would be a better course of action as an example.

    1. Focus on value
      This means - let's have a look what value we have on this issue. The username system as it stands consists of username + a 4-Digit number as discriminator, separated by a hash symbol '#' This allows users to have any main username they wish for with 9999 copies of them, each of them unique. What Value does this offer? The user can have a personalized main username and with Nitro, they can change the discriminator to something that hasn't been chosen yet. The new system would do literally the same but with unique usernames. Thus, removing its initial value. So it is better to keep it, than to throw it away.
    2.  Start where you are
      This means - let's have a look at where we are right now, why do we need to change this?
      The argumentation, should it be actually the truth, is - that it's problematic for new users to understand this specific system. Other platforms such as Battle.Net have such a system as well. So how can we combat this confusion?
      Discord has always aimed for innovation so I'm going to do the same but with a wee twist - Make a decent New User's Tutorial. 
      New Users that are just getting familiar with Discords multitude of functions should undergo a Tutorial that is being delivered to them once they first launch the application with their new Discord Account. Since you already have an account creation Identifier, writing a detector for this shouldn't be too much work.
      The tutorial will take more work, however, this is where you have the resources of letting the community take part in. Bringing me to the next step
    3. Progress iteratively with feedback
      This means - you develop > Test > Review, the standard cycle in almost every sophisticated software development environment. However, with the Hypesquad Events and Discord Testers Teams you can involve the community to help you out with these steps to lower costs and raise productivity. Yes this practically means "Make the Community Work For You" but as I'm sure you're already aware - there's many volunteers that want to help you already. Make use of them. They're a great asset.

    Now, since I don't want to blow my whole powder here since the ITIL certification I have is still expensive and I don't want to oversell myself for naught in a community post - I think I made my point clear that this decision is 

    not good for Discord.
  • IonicBearCannon


  • Hall Way


    i dont know why they thought this was such a good idea

  • Teddie

    Problems with friend requests this solution is IGNORING: Where even is the " add friend " button? its an icon hidden away in menus. New users can't add friends because they can't find the right button to do so. ALSO, how many times have I accidentally ignored a friend request because I was never notified? Its the smallest little red icon on PC that's super easy to miss if you don't DM people often. This is a terrible change to something that wasn't an issue to begin with and its pisses me off so much! There are better things for discord to spend their time and money on!

  • Rowan

    unwanted and un-needed change, my entire friend group is complaining about it

  • Auris Borealis

    +1. Absurdly stupid idea. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Discord should consider polling users on changes they would actually like implemented, instead of changing features just for the sake of changing them.


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