Recording discord voice chat on PS5 during a capture or broadcast


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  • Oliverbest

    Here are the steps for recording Discord voice chat on a PS5 while capturing or broadcasting:

    To capture your gameplay and Discord voice chat simultaneously, you'll need to connect your PS5 to a computer using a capture card. Make sure your capture card is compatible with your PS5 and computer.

    Install and set up the capture card software provided by the manufacturer of your capture card. Playstation 5 gameplay footage can be captured and recorded with this software.

    The Discord application must be installed on your computer before you can connect and configure it. Join the voice chat channel you want to record in your Discord account. Make sure you have a properly connected and functioning microphone and headset.

    You may need to configure the audio routing settings on your capture card software to capture both game audio and Discord voice chat. The audio may require additional software, such as a virtual audio cable, in some cases.

    Launch the capture card software on your computer and set the card to capture or broadcast your PS5 gameplay. By checking the audio settings in the capture card software, you can ensure that both the video game audio and the Discord voice chat are being captured.

    Perform a test run before recording or broadcasting to ensure that both game audio and Discord voice chat are captured. A good balance between the game audio and voice chat can be achieved by adjusting the audio levels as needed.

    You must respect the privacy and consent of other participants in the Discord voice chat. Before recording or broadcasting another user's voice, inform them and obtain their permission. If your jurisdiction has any legal obligations or restrictions regarding audio recording, be aware of them.

  • Oliverbest

    The PlayStation 5 (PS5) console does not have a built-in feature for recording voice chat directly from Discord during a capture or broadcast as of September 2021. You can, however, use external methods to accomplish this. A possible workaround is as follows:

    Place a computer or laptop that can run Discord and record audio near your PS5.

    Use an HDMI capture card or an audio mixer to connect your PS5 to a computer/laptop. You will be able to capture both game audio and voice chat audio this way.

    Use the same account you use on your PS5 to join the Discord voice chat on your computer/laptop.

    Record your PS5 Discord voice chat while you play the game using screen recording or audio recording software.

    The computer/laptop should capture both the game audio and the voice chat audio when you start the capture or broadcast on your PS5.

    You should stop the capture on your PS5 and end the Discord voice chat on your computer after you finish recording or broadcasting.

    Note that this workaround requires additional equipment and setup, and the steps may vary depending on the hardware and software you are using. Additionally, Discord voice chat participants' privacy and consent should always be respected. Be sure to get permission from all participants before recording their voices For Private plates


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