More content and customizations for free users. Stop put everything "cool" behind paywall!


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  • versatile goose

    So true. STOP THE PAYWALL!!!

  • CTG123456

    They gotta make their money somehow. The app is usable without Nitro but all customization is paid.

  • Vito

    I came here to say the exact same thing, every other website/app that offers customization of any form has it for free while Discord puts it behind a paywall, this is only a disadvantage for Discord. $10/Month is not worth a simple banner and better uploads (which is literally the only thing out of all the features that people want). The higher upload size at least makes sense, but having free customization is the bare minimum of any app or website. If you want to make money, Discord, make a paid feature that's actually worth money and make every customization feature free. In fact here's an idea: offer something like a Vtuber suite that allows people to stream/render and track their Vtuber models and it requires a Nitro subscription, that way streamers who get paid are able to easily afford a tool that helps them stream and earn the both of you money. Could be more of a professional/business subscription. 


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