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  • PatTheNinjaPenguin

    Will immediately cancel Nitro if they get acquired. WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO SKYPE, DISCORD. WE ALL KNOW.

  • yukitsukihana

    Seconding this. Look at what Microsoft did to Skype. Teams is a barely-functional chat system. If Microsoft buys Discord, they'll strip it of all useful features, and/or hide them behind a paywall. Microsoft kills chat applications.

  • Cee Pulse

    I don't know if you need to sell in order to stay afloat, I have no insight into your finances... but I really like Discord being run by those who have so far. Unless it's becase you'll go bankrupt or something of the sort, this acquisition would make me lose any emotional connection to the crew at the company. I would happily jump ship given the opportunity and will largely only stay on it because of the same reason people stay on Facebook for now, they have to because it's so broadly used.

    In case it's not clear, I have a great deal of respect to the community that's shaped around Discord and the decisions made for its design and more. But... the rumors around a potential business deal... yeah... right now I still feel warm when I think of the gratitude I have towards the creators, but this would feel like the local cozy café selling out to Starbucks (though I understand you're already pretty big).

  • cajoca

    Nevertheless, if you (Discord) sell yourselves out to Microsoft, some other Devs will create another "Discord Like" platform, as we don't need anyone (Microsoft) to load Discord with Adds or limit us on Chat, Gaming, Interaction, or everything we do on Discord.
    If you sell Discord, I suggest it's Devs to leave and create another Discord like platform and the whole Discord community will follow you!!!

    Stay safe Devs and keep up the good work in Discord or "out of Discord" (Microsoft)!

  • Paden

    Slack already went to Atlassian, now Microsoft wants to buy Discord?! So much for all of our private conversations and business dealings not being logged, parsed, and sold off to the highest bidder.

    Time for MatterMost: https://mattermost.com/download/

  • DredAkasha

    I will absolutely leave discord if microsoft buys it, i've already spoken with several friends about it and they agree, this would be an absolute terrible move.

  • Arlothia

    I second this! Please don't do it! As so many other people have said on other feedbacks, Microsoft can ruin any app and they'll most likely monetize everything so the userbase will TANK. They just want you for your userbase. There's a reason your user numbers doubled last year! It's because they love Discord just as it is. It's SUCH a fabulous resource that's not tied to the other big companies. Don't increase their monopolies and keep Discord as the safe and reliable resource it is or I promise you, your users WILL go and find somewhere else and the sale would have been for nothing. You've worked so hard on all of this. Don't let it go to waste. Please!!

  • ppro2020

    If Microsoft Buys Discord I Leave And Microsoft Apps Will Limit Only Ads For Their Apps Like The Edge Recoomend You Using Bing And Not Google If You Search Chrome Download It Will Says Use MSedge Instead If Microsoft Buys Discord It Will Pops Up Their Apps And Limit Chat Like Skype Is Down

  • ErenRMS

    Please dont Sell Discord to Microsoft, they will only ruin discord like they ruined skype, i dont trust them, all they want is money, i love the current discord as it is with the current crew, heck if you need money ill gladly donate to keep it up! Stay Strong discord please

  • Red the Pigeon

    Agreed here. Please don't sell out to Microsoft. They ruin every platform they touch - Skype is a non-functional, paywalled, ad-infested useless heap since they bought it. Minecraft got filled with microtransactions. All of the features like broadcasting and group voice channels will be put behind paywalls, just like they did with Skype. Customer service will be non-existent, and this great thing you guys have worked so hard to create will be thrown into a corporate dumpster. Please, don't do it.

  • krodri25

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything everyone has said here. I've met (and still talk to) some incredible people on Discord, and I'd hate for any of that to be ruined by what Microsoft could do to it if they acquire Discord. If Microsoft's acquisition of Skype is any indication, selling Discord off to them is a terrible decision. I implore you guys to not walk down that path.

  • Csfract

    I just wanted to add my voice to the list here. Discord's team has really outdone itself, and demonstrated how a chat application should be run. Its popular features have been rather noticeably copied by the likes of Microsoft Teams, which is a testament to their strength, and it seems like the team hasn't rested on their laurels, but rather, has consistently worked to put out new features in addition to competently supporting business-as-usual operations. Selling to Microsoft puts that in jeopardy, because just about every M&A transaction is done with an eye to "realizing synergies" (i.e. firing people who don't belong to the new parent company). They may have assurances that they will retain staff - but yours wouldn't be the first company to see what happens after those assurances expire.

    You should be competing with these guys, not bowing to them. You have the superior product. For yourselves and for the community that you built, don't sell.

  • Viper

    For the love of god do not sell to Microsoft they warp everything they touch. Look what happened to Skype when they got it. 

  • StardustLovesDoves

    I agree completely with what everyone here has said about the matter. Nobody wants another Skype incident to happen, I certainly don't. This platform has allowed me to meet some amazing people thanks to all of the features it has. I'd hate for all of it to be ruined because you decided to sell it to a company that worsens anything they get their hands on.

  • DaniDove

    Microsoft is well known for their EEE (Embrace, Expand, Extinguish) strategy for any software they consider competition.

    We depend on Discord and love it.

    Once Microsoft gets what they want out of Discord, it will either be destroyed, or made so expensive to continue using that it will no longer be feasible for the majority of its current user base.

    Guys, if you are struggling with funds, crowd source.

    Discord is a great platform with a ton of users that will happily support it if that's what it takes to keep it running.


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