Make it easier for developers with less technical know-how to make their own bots from scratch.


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  • Donovan_DMC

    the "just use [framework name]" bit is how most people are, even when there are examples like that, I know how to make my own lib, but I'm sure as hell not putting my time into that, it's just not worth it

  • pikanaruto (he/him)

    Despite the downvotes, this is a good idea. I **do** want to make my own framework, but there are nearly no examples and the voice server stuff is barely readable.

    I'm not saying to dumb down the API, just to document it better and make it more approachable for people.

    Upvoted, despite the downvotes.

  • dolpho

    My community Reality Realization Institute, an AI, Blockhain, VR, AR, and Ontological studies association is looking for developers like you to help us in our mission to create a decentralized experience of community for our members.


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