Feature request: Grammar checker in chat window


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  • Mirmir

    They really need to consider this as part of the learning process since Discord supports youth communities.

  • tokyoluv

    Yes, please! English is not my first language, I depend on Grammarly to write correctly.

  • cashmagnet guru

    This frustrates me, so I Googled and found my way here. So I will hop on the bandwagon. 

  • ferror18

    Also, if they're not building this feature, at least let third party's make this like Grammarly, which currently is blocked from correcting mistakes on your discord messages; it can only suggest them.

  • CarryOnMySwanSong

    I can use it on my phone and tablet, but there needs to be a way to connect the desktop version of Discord (I don't mean just the browser version either. I mean the free-floating window). Some of us rely on Grammarly to make sense of what we write, and if you run a server, messages often need to be well written and understandable.

  • direw0lf

    As a dyslexic, I rely on Grammarly to point out words that a spell check would think is ok but make no sense. Please add this support

  • Brooksie10

    As someone with Dyslexia smelling is always a challenge, Grammarly helps me when I just can't figure things out, it would be fantastic if Discord could open integration with Grammarly.


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