The beta icon doesn't need to look different


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  • Sulfur🦎🌳

    I agree. The orange is also very jarring and hard to deal with if a person (like myself) had sensory issues.

  • AlaxiaJune


  • Aoto青い

    Glad that i wasn't the only one that got a bit upset about the new Icon. I am fine with changing the name from discord to discord-Beta so u know u use the Beta App. But ther orange icon really doesn't appeal to me. ^^

  • Sulfur🦎🌳

    I think the name change is unnecessary as well. If it was a situation where both beta and nonbeta were installed at once, but that'd make more sense. I _know_ I'm using the beta version. But, I can live with the name change.

    The orange icon, however, is. I don't have words for how much I dislike. I thought it might grow, at least a little on me, become something I could deal with like the name but noooope. I mean I _can_ deal with because I like being beta and I actually seem to have less glitches than with nonbeta. Anywho. Just saying that the name is annoying, redundant, and frustrating, but I'd eventually get used to that. The icon change is something I probably won't ever be ok with.

  • realgoodkid



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