Revert new reaction and @ bolding


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  • honeyfern

    why'd they even change it honestly? it looked smooth and nice before, and you could clearly see if you had reacted with other people's emotes.

    now it just looks... really cluttered and ugly honestly. especially when you're pinged, it looks insanely out of place and distracting

  • gio

    bro this shit’s wacky revert back pls

  • yuvio100

    Yeah... can we just go back please

  • OddMellon

    Additionally, it seems like the nice blue for the reply ping toggle has become more of a cyan color, which doesn't match the chill darker pings and channels we're used to.

  • Smurf

    100%. I don't understand why tech companies are so obsessed with changing their UI when things are already perfect and nobody is asking for change. Pings and reactions are so ugly now and they stand out way too much, more than anything else on screen.

  • Luigi

    Hard agree. Old pings were easier to read, and adding a border around the reactions only adds visual clutter. Not a fan

  • major toaster

    My peeve is primarily the selection border that remains on reacts. I will, however, say that the dark squovals the reacts now sit on are just not cutting it for me either.

  • donovan_dmc

    At this point Discord is following the "any pr is good pr" mindset by constantly pissing off everyone so they go complain about it everywhere

    none of this needed to be changed, the new mentions look disgusting

  • builderpepc

    Edit: Here is a reddit post which shows the changed colors, and some other changes. Several colorblind people in the comments have said the new colors are worse for them.

    Here's my list of the changes I could find.

    It looks like they also changed the shade of green used throughout the desktop app/website.




    Edit 2: They are CHANGING THE LOGO. The new one sucks and the font rivals Comic Sans in how bad it is. The blurple has become more of a blue. Wumpus no longer appears on the homepage.

    I recommend everyone in this thread to upvote this post by u/Goomig. It's very important that Discord sees our opinion of these changes.

  • Graic

    The @everyone ping now just looks like it was typed in bold, and makes it less clear to the end-user why the message is pinging them. The new reaction format just makes chats more cluttered as reactions take up much more space and are much more prominent when they should just be in the background. New cyan on replies is just ugly and isn't used anywhere else, and the green doesn't have any advantages over the old shade. If it ain't broken, don't fix it

  • A Person

    This is by far the worst update I've ever seen. The green no longer compliments the other colours, pings are practically invisible, reactions look terrible. 

    Edit: They removed blurple too. Why??

  • Dweedy/Nullafy

    Agreed, the new reaction and @ colouring is just terrible. Please revert!

    It was not broken before.

  • Minisungam

    Never logged into the community forums here before. Just came to say that I too very much dislike this change. The new shade of green I'm kind of down for, but the reaction and @ ping changes are genuinely terrible. 

  • Artiglio

    As much I didn't like the idea of singing up and saying my own opinion, I really want the old discord back, or at least, the option to swap back. The new colouring, reactions look and @ changes really annoyed me, sadly. Yeah, I'll get used to it, eventually, if I want to, but honestly, I would like AT LEAST the option to go back to the old style.

  • major toaster

    It looks like they also changed the shade of green used throughout the desktop app/website.

    Thought I noticed something.

  • Whipshadow

    The white mentions fuel me with unexplained rage. 

  • Gaw

    Revert. This ain't it fam

  • GalaxyNova

    The old UI design was perfectly fine. I do not see the reason for this change.


  • galaxy

    Hi, this looks awful. Please revert

  • moonlightcat

    Not liking this at all. Pings don't stand out as much, colors don't look as good. Please revert immediately.

  • GammaGames

    I'm not sure why it would be changed like this, it completely breaks the nice clean solid shapes design that was all over the application before.

  • Erik Löfmark

    Please revert this update, no one asked for it and it would appear no one wants it either, I thought I was going insane at first when I saw the colours and felt they looked different, and like others have pointed out, it just does not work well at all, please do something about this.

  • Devil Den

    This update is terrible...

  • shoemilk

    I will never react again. Probably won't renew Nitro either. This change is the embodiment of unnecessary.

  • Alex

    The white mentions do nothing but make at-a-glance readability worse.

    The reactions background looks nice but the outline doesn't fit the rest of the app at all, and draws way too much attention to itself.

    The new green doesn't fit the color palette and might be the single most pointless change ever.

  • Norryn

    I really don't like this new react. It stands out way too much, especially after I have reacted which is the last thing I want after I have reacted. When I look at Discord now my eyes are drawn instantly to these overly bright reactions, making me want to unreacted to that I can actually have my eyes drawn to what people are saying. I don't mind the stronger background as much, but the outline is unbearable.

  • An Obvious Alt

    Same as guy above I've bought tons of nitro gifted tons, I'm done. Until the UI is reverted I'm not buying anymore nitro.

  • Emii

    I hate it. Nobody asked for this.

  • Gooby

    It makes me literally not want to click on any reactions anymore.

  • Yato


    Get rid of this

    Or, at the very least, let us toggle it. The new users/ people who don't like it can keep this as is. Why would you make a perfect thing imperfect? 



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