Add an option to change default avatar's color.


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  • Kyonax

    That option exists right now, only go to configuration and accessibility, the saturation bar is right there, take down the saturation to 70% and you get the old Discord Color.

    btw: I love the new Color.

  • FlurryShy


    that does NOT change the default profile picture color.

    it's an over engineered "fix" to a problem that Discord staff apparently does not quite understand.
    they could have just given us a way to theme. even just simple color-pickers for the colors in the client.
    there is a basic better discord plugin that does that which definitely took a lot less time to implement than this.
    there is also this mocup that is a lot better than what we got.

  • Kyonax

    I understand what you saying, but Discord has a color brand, which is more difficult than just code what do you want, a lot of contracts and branding identity is in-game, I quite sure Discord knows, So I think that you are the one who is not understanding, you are complaining all the stable platform just for a personalization whims? The color affects you, right? Just turn down the saturation, Discord knows what are they doing.

  • FlurryShy

    yes, the color does affect me. I have to be on an older version / use ToS violating software to not get headaches.
    and I am not alone in that.
    turning down the saturation on ALL colors makes the other colors harder to distinguish, making for another sub-par experience.
    and I am not alone in that either.

    de-saturating the colors already changes the color of their "branding" / "identity" so your argument doesn't really make sense or apply here.
    besides. allowing you to customize what it looks for >>>you<<< does not affect branding or company identity to the outside. at. all.

    I do not believe they know what they are doing in terms of accessibility. I never said it was done in bad faith but as I already said it's over-engineered and misses the point of what needs to be done to actually be accessible for people with visual impairment.
    you could argue for a middle-ground of having different sliders for different colors... but again. over-engineered and misses the KISS principle.

  • Yeg0rich

    I agree with you. Even though 2 years have passed, hope you haven't given up on it


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