I've been locked out of my account for three weeks.


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  • Jay Wilson

    Hi there,

    usually discord asks you for a phone number after locking you out of your account because they suspected something going on with your account. Perhaps spamming, unverified email, and things of that nature. Sometimes, you aren't putting the phone number in right and it rates limited. As I know, this is a place for feedback, not support with locked accounts. Try reaching the support team in the request area of this website. Here is the link: https://dis.gd/request

    Jay Wilson

  • UngulateBitch

    I already tried contacting support three times, and they just gave me an automated response and marked it as solved.

  • Squid

    An e-mail verification method is better than asking for a phone number. I understand that Discord has implemented this as an anti-abuse measure, but asking people to link their phone number isn't the most convenient way in my opinion.

    Personally, due to privacy concerns, I wouldn't link my phone number, even if their anti spam and abuse system ask me to.

    Additionally, to be honest, I'm pretty sure if they didn't have any bad intentions, they wouldn't ask you to verify by linking a phone number when an email verification method is more suitable.

    The best I can suggest is not to connect any phone number.

    Question again: Why would they ask for a phone number for this? Many people do not always have a phone number available/would not give it out of the blue for an anti-abuse verification to "Discord".

  • Squid

    I've created a post. If you want, upvote it: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/1500001328481-Phone-Verification.

  • UngulateBitch

    I don't mind linking my phone number. The problem is that Discord "doesn't support" my phone number for whatever stupid reason.


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