Feature request: Multiple spellcheck languages


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  • Alexis Laouar

    Strongly seconding this.

    I'm French, and thus have a lot of French-speaking friends I talk to, as well as many others with whom I speak English. The vast majority of the apps I use every day support spellcheck in multiple languages, which is handy to a degree that is hard to convey through words.

    My main OS language is English. This means that, whenever I message a French friend on Discord, about every single word I write is underlined in red. Not only does this look horrendous, and, even by itself, contributes to the whole messaging experience feeling “unfriendly” - it also means I essentially have no spellcheck for half of my conversations, unless I change my whole OS's main language every time I want to write a message in French.

    Given the very low amount of attention this post seems to have received, I'm not too optimistic, but I cannot stress enough how much of a boon multiple language spellcheck would be to every bilingual folk using Discord. Please, please consider looking into its implementation. <3


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