Mobile UI is awful, everything is over complicated and the design gives me headaches


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  • Echo

    I agree, bring back the old superior UI please. This one is terribly inefficient.

  • Daniel

    I have deleted the iOS Discord app since I can no longer use it.

  • getlexsavet

    The mobile UI of many applications can be frustrating due to overcomplicated designs and poor usability. Key issues include:

    1. Cluttered Interfaces: Excessive elements on the screen make it hard to focus.
    2. Tiny Touch Targets: Small buttons and links are difficult to tap accurately.
    3. Poor Navigation: Complicated menus and illogical flow hinder user experience.
    4. Overuse of Animations: Unnecessary animations can cause delays and confusion.
    5. Inconsistent Design: Lack of uniformity across screens disrupts user familiarity.
    6. Unreadable Text: Small font sizes and poor contrast strain the eyes.
    7. Lack of Customization: Inability to adjust settings for a personalized experience.
    8. Intrusive Ads: Frequent ads interrupt tasks and frustrate users.
    9. Slow Performance: Heavy designs can lead to lag and slow loading times.
    10. Battery Drain: Resource-intensive UIs deplete battery life quickly.
    11. Limited Accessibility: Inadequate support for assistive technologies.
    12. Spot Updates: Infrequent updates fail to address ongoing issues.

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