New "Dark" theme Is Unusable for Migraine/Sight-Impaired Users - Make the OLD Dark theme an option


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  • Lontry

    Huh? Old dark theme is still there. Now there is light, dark and midnight. 

  • Niarra

    Lontry - It's NOT still there. If you look back to dozens and dozens of posts made here (not to mention on Reddit) in the days and weeks after the patch hit, you will see many people reporting the same. The theme now called “Dark” is not the same as the previous dark theme. Anyone could put their phone up next to the desktop version to see the difference; the old and familiar low contrast gray of the previous Dark theme is still present on desktop (and in fact still present in the settings menus panels and bubbles of mobile), but no longer present on mobile as an overall theme. (To add insult to injury, it WAS present for a while if you set the theme to Automatic, and then that was changed after people were reporting it as a solution.) 

    If you have not noticed the difference, then you are fortunate enough to not have a disability that makes the difference very painfully apparent. The background color tone is no longer the same, the text is brighter, and the overall contrast is much more intense.

    It is NOT the same dark theme, and this new theme is agonizing for people with visual problems or migraine sufferers, and there was a LOT of feedback about this that can still be found on these forums and elsewhere. My concern is that the devs not sweep it under the rug with the holidays in between as an excuse to say it fell off the front page. The response was very strong, and this change is causing physical harm to many users. (Before anyone laughs that away, just know if you're not one of the people being harmed then you are fortunate, great for you, but other people have disabilities that you don't.) There is no reason that they can't simply make the OLD dark theme an option again. 

  • leo

    yes, it’s too high contrast! it hurts my eyes :( for some, high contrast is helpful, but for others, it’s physically painful. we need to have different options. its frustrating that discord hasn’t been listening to its disabled customers so far.

  • CoralJasy

    I’m sorry to hear that the high contrast on Discord is causing you discomfort. High contrast can indeed be helpful for some users, but it can also be physically painful for others. Discord has recently introduced a dedicated Accessibility section in its User Settings that includes options such as High Contrast Settings and Saturation Slider. JCPenney Kiosk The High Contrast Settings feature is currently being rolled out slowly to all Discord users on a Windows device. If you’re on a Windows device, you can enable Windows High Contrast Mode to apply custom, high-contrast themes natively across Windows. You can also choose to opt out of the high contrast mode by turning off Sync contrast settings from your Accessibility settings tab. If you prefer to keep Discord’s theme colors on your client even with High Contrast Mode enabled on your device, you will have to disable Sync contrast settings from your Accessibility settings tab. I hope this information helps you find a solution that works for you. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask. 😊 


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