[Suggestion] New "Mod View" is missing "About me" page


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  • Cragsand

    Any chance I can bump this? 

    Reviewing user profiles has now become much more time consuming and requires additional button clicks.

    • Right Click → Profile

    Instead of just

    • Left Click
  • Cragsand

    A lot of scammers put their scamming links in their profile and name themselves:

    • “check my bio”
    • “check me”
    • “read me”
    • “read bio”

    Then their about me page contains the actual nefarious content. Here are two examples of scammers containing bad info in their profiles:

    With the new change, checking profiles gets tedious very quickly. It would REALLY be helpful to see users profile “about me” content directly in the new mod view. Example of flagged scammers:

  • Cragsand

    This problem is worsened recently because profiles do not load properly a lot of the time.

    Profile loading error:  "Unable to load profile banner, badges, and about me."

    I'm convinced that this is some form of rate limiting, causing profiles not to load after opening too many profiles in a certain duration of time. In the past it only occurred when the user is not in a shared server. Now it applies to ALL users, even friends and users that recently joined servers. It also makes you unable to check “Mutual Servers” as it returns no servers at all.

    To me it's been happening daily for about a week back and is making moderating servers really difficult. 

    If possible, please don't apply this rate limiting to admins of servers or at least increase the threshold.
    I've issued a support ticket and been explained that this is a known issue being investigated but no confirmation if it is an intentional rate limit that is causing unintended problems.

    Best Regards 


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