Issue with image scaling on all devices as of 1/25/2024


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  • Playnot

    +1, this started appearing today, it's cutting off sides of my images. 
    (btw, the year in your headline is wrong)

  • Inara

    I just noticed this issue as well while editing some of the Channels in a Discord I admin in.  Yet weirdly the images ( at least in my case ) show up correctly on my  Mobile app. But In Browser and Desktop, All embedded images are keeping their actual file size dimensions, and not scaling to the default sizing for embeds, which allow the images to scale when the window size changes.  I am hoping this is just an Update Bug and its gets fixed back to how it was before.   

  • MurderKittyComics

    I also have a scaling issue. My phone settings and app settings are set to make fonts larger,  and sometimes this makes me unable to switch between servers, as it keeps defaulting to the last server accessed. 

  • lyly lyly

    Failure to resolve this issue promptly could result Retro Bowl in frustration among users and potential negative impacts on engagement and usability.


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