Revert the UI already!


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  • vanwormersona

    Identify the Previous Version: Determine which version of the UI you prefer and gather details about its design and functionality.

    Assess Feasibility: Consider the practicalities and potential challenges of reverting the UI.

    Communicate Your Feedback: Clearly explain the issues you have with the current UI and why you prefer the previous version.

    Engage with the Developers: Reach out to the development team or community for guidance and express your feedback.

    Find Documentation: Look for documentation on how to roll back the UI to a previous version, if available.

    Test the Changes: If you revert the UI, thoroughly test it to ensure everything works as expected.

    Backup Current Settings: Before making any changes, back up your current settings and data.

    Look for Support: Seek advice or assistance from other users who may have experience with UI rollbacks.

    Monitor for Issues: Keep an eye out for any unexpected problems after making changes.

    Stay Informed: Keep up with updates and news from the developers regarding UI changes.

    Provide Constructive Feedback: Share your experiences and suggestions with the development team.

    Enjoy the Experience: Once you have made the changes, immerse yourself in the improved experience, just like playing a game of carrom lulubox for a streamlined and enjoyable session!


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