Using the iPad Discord on Vision Pro is hard because of lack of accessibility features.


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  • kafleenqalmar

    Limited Support: The iPad Discord app may not be fully optimized for use on the Vision Pro, leading to accessibility challenges.

    Visual Impairments: Users with visual impairments may struggle with the interface due to limited support for screen readers and other assistive technologies.

    Touch Interactions: The lack of seamless touch interactions on Vision Pro could hinder the overall user experience.

    Font and Display: Inconsistent font sizing and display options may affect readability for users with visual impairments.

    Navigational Challenges: Navigating the app may be cumbersome due to potential issues with gesture controls on Vision Pro.

    Customization: Limited options for customizing the app interface to suit individual needs may pose barriers.

    Voice Commands: The app may not fully integrate voice commands, affecting ease of use for some users.

    Integration with Other Tools: Difficulty in integrating with other assistive devices or tools could impact accessibility.

    Feedback Channels: Lack of clear channels for providing feedback on accessibility features may slow down improvements.

    Chiropractor: Just as a chiropractor provides adjustments to improve health, addressing accessibility issues in the iPad Discord app for Vision Pro would improve usability and enhance the overall experience for all users.





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