Will also be cancelling Nitro over forced new UI


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  • Kadah

    A lot of us already did.

  • fractur65

    Yea just ditch discord all together. They don't care about their users at all.

  • Midnight0752

    Discord's mobile update was horribly organised and has in my personal opinion, been one of Discord's biggest flops so far.

    My favorite feature about the old UI was not only how easy & smooth it was to navigate or switch to DMs (even if Discord says the new one is easier / requires less taps), but also the fact that it mirrored the Desktop UI, making for a great transition from Desktop to Mobile…

    Too bad this new UX makes you feel like you're using Facebook or something completely different.

    New Discord Mobile isn't really Discord, it's just some completely different app with the branding.

  • kas

    i agree the new ui is not great. They somehow made everything take up way more space and fit way less info at the same time.

    It's so bloated it can barely fit anything meaningful even on a 6.7" screen, you are sitting here scrolling all the time trying to pick out things you want out of a sea of literal empty space and trash. Even with "compact mode" enabled and zoom decreased to the minimum (which is not even comfortable to read at that point), it STILL doesn't fit nearly as much stuff as the DEFAULT old version. For me personally this design is extremely disorienting and unpleasant, it's like sitting in front row at a theater and seeing the stage nicely but then you decide to use binoculars so instead of seeing the full picture you are seeing one person's head and nothing else.

    The navigation is imo way less convenient too. I don't want this huge server menu stuck to my screen and popping up every single time i slightly scroll up. And search? Now when you search for something you don't even see the full content of a message until you actually click on it, and that is a very big deal in some cases.

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  • kas

    Also,  there are now many more steps to achieve the same thing. No thanks. Don't copycat other social apps by just changing for the sake of change. It's stupid and shouldn't be done. Think before you do, they say.

    With this UI, similarity to the desktop client fully disappeared. We don't need more clunky UI's in place of ones that work.

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