Hovering over Higlighted Messages from Pings


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  • Youngkateykat

    Hey, well this has been fixed since and removed (or there may be an option and it automatically just turned off for me, idk). Either way it has gone back how it used to so thanks for your input but yeah. And I did contact Discord Support about this and they said make a post here on it so that's what I did.

    Thanks for your response and advice though!

    I am like 99.9% sure I am responding to a bot however so ig this was a waste of a minute typing this all up if I am lol.

  • awix baslet

    Contextual tooltips provide players with relevant game information and objectives when hovering over highlighted messages from pings.

    Real-time feedback helps players make informed decisions during gameplay.

    Enhanced communication improves teamwork and coordination among players.

    An in-game glossary explains terms and concepts related to pings and other game mechanics.

    Strategic insights help players maximize the effectiveness of pings in their game strategy.

    Visibility of other players' actions and intentions through highlighted messages aids in strategic planning.

    Hovering offers quick reference to specific game events or actions associated with the ping.

    Customization options allow players to adjust the display of highlighted messages according to their preferences.

    Adjustable notification settings help manage the volume and types of pings received.

    Customizable highlight duration lets players control how long the messages remain visible.

    Clarity in interpretation of pings improves decision-making and game performance.

    Easier access to important information streamlines gameplay and strategic planning.

    Ability to link highlighted messages to in-game resources for additional context.

    Efficient navigation between different pings enhances the player's overall experience.

    Overall, hovering over highlighted messages improves player engagement and game word awareness.





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