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  • Gabriel Dorado

    This is frustrating. What is @discord or @discord_support? How to contact using such way? More:

    3. I want to have what I write and what you write in MY eMail mailbox, not just in this web site which may not be available in the future. Yet, messages posted here are not received in my eMail.

    4. Each time that I try to login this site, I can not. Instead, I receive an eMail with a link. Frustrating!!!

    5. I have logged in


    and yet could not access this message thread there. Why? And then when clicling the link that you sent me to access this thread, I was requested to enter again my eMail and password. Really frustrating.

    I will use this site as less as I can. You may be losing millions of users.

    I will appreciate if you could redirect this feedback to the board xof directors for consideration.

    Thank you!

  • Midnight0752

    If you have a question you want to ask Discord, you can attempt to make a request or try contact their X account @discord or @discord_support 


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