reflect the mobile app improvements with the browser app


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  • fractur65

    Oh hell no the mobile app is horrid. Don't ruin the other discord versions. 

  • witherellson
    1. Enhanced user interface for seamless navigation, inspired by TikTok's engaging layout.
    2. Integration of TikTok-like features such as short-form videos and interactive challenges.
    3. Improved algorithm for personalized content discovery, akin to TikTok's For You page.
    4. Implementation of TikTok's trending hashtags and challenges to boost user engagement.
    5. Enhanced sharing options with direct integration to TikTok for cross-platform promotion.
    6. Streamlined commenting system with TikTok-inspired interactive stickers and reactions.
    7. Addition of TikTok's duet and stitch functionalities for collaborative content creation.
    8. Introduction of a dedicated "Explore" section featuring trending content and creators, mimicking TikTok's Discover page.
    9. Revamped profile customization options with emphasis on creativity and expression, reminiscent of TikTok profiles.
    10. Integration of TikTok's music library with extensive licensing agreements for diverse audio options.
    11. Improved video editing tools with filters, effects, and transitions reminiscent of TikTok's editing suite.
    12. Implementation of TikTok's AI-driven content recommendation system for personalized user experiences.
    13. Introduction of TikTok style challenges and contests to incentivize user-generated content creation.
    14. Seamless cross-platform synchronization with tiktok accounts for a unified social media experience.
    15. Continuous updates and optimizations based on user feedback, following TikTok's agile development approach.





  • Mr. Mage

    fractur65 the browser app is worse. however, they are steadily implementing the features I mentioned as hue themes were added fairly recently, but there's still no easy way to filter images, videos, files, etc

  • Mr. Mage

    witherellson silence, tiktoker


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