The mobile app is a disaster


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  • wimberleyson
    1. The mobile app's user interface is extremely unintuitive, making it difficult for users to navigate properties.
    2. Loading times are excessively long, causing frustration for potential buyers and realtors alike.
    3. Frequent crashes disrupt the user experience, often leading to lost data and repeated searches.
    4. Property listings are not up-to-date, causing issues for realtors when providing accurate information to clients.
    5. Search filters are either missing or ineffective, making it challenging for users to find specific types of properties.
    6. The app lacks key features that are essential for real estate professionals, such as mortgage calculators and virtual tour options.
    7. Notifications are unreliable, leading to missed opportunities for both buyers and realtors.
    8. The app's map function is inaccurate, displaying properties in the wrong locations and confusing users.
    9. Customer support through the app is unresponsive, leaving realtors and users without necessary assistance.
    10. The overall user experience is poor, damaging the reputation of the real estate service and leading to negative feedback from both clients and realtors.




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