VC status emojis- Why is this not able to be disabled?


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  • Sleepy

    They need to stop adding clutter. If the software is good, it's okay to let it sit and coast for a bit. Doing that is far better than saddling your devs with busy work that makes the software more bloated. There's already several status indicators, we don't want yet another one. I already do not like that I can't block Discord from registering games, this is just another nuisance.


    Every patch, going back to Mumble looks more and more attractive.

  • Icywebs

    I do not like the inability to disable a tool that takes away my privacy. I recognize that on the internet, privacy is not actually a thing.

    I disable gameplay and activity play for a reason. I keep my Steam on invisible mode for a reason. I am not doing anything wrong, but I would like to choose when I'm perceived.

    I was ecstatic when the feature went away. I am furious that Discord has reimplemented it and it still doesn't have an option to disable it. Please give me that option.


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