Discord NEEDS better support team.


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  • Discord Rakanishyu

    Couldn't agree more, the support team is terrible.

  • Masonportman46

    Worst customer service i ever experienced. I hope the staff gets held responsible for this mess.  

  • raka.ni

    I agree, it's the worst customer service I ever experienced by far. 

    The actual app is great but the support is the worst i seen, and it's a shame.

  • jkl88771

    My account got suspended because I accidentally said I was a certain age and I am still trying to get my account back even after completely fully verifying my age. I buy nitro yearly because I use discord pretty often but I cannot believe how slow their support team is. They actually need to do a full on purge on their customer service team (except the people who actually do their job) I understand discord is insanely popular but it should not take this long to simply look at a few photos I sent and then unsuspend my account.


    Discord NEEDS to hire more customer service people but from what I can tell this has been going on for awhile now so nothing will probably ever be changed or done but this is actually ridiculous.

  • _shalev_

    they want to save money by hiring as minimum people as possible but it only makes things worse……….

  • raka.ni

    I had my account since 2018, and out of nowhere it got disabled 2 months ago or so, and I didn't had a backup admin account. The support team denied by ownership transfer, I lost a 40k server just like that.

  • Francisnuel

    I'm locked out of my Discord account Francisnuel due to 2FA issues.  All necessary details, including username, display name, old username, account creation date, registered phone number, https://treewisemenllc.com/ email, user ID, and dated photos, I keep receiving generic responses about "privacy reasons."

  • raka.ni

    Sorry you lost access to your account, it feels like we're talking to a wall here, no support person has ever replied to any of these forum posts.


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