Krisp-Enabled Voice Channel Permission Override


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  • JakeTheNinja

    That would be quite a nice feature. The only main difference with this though is that the noise canceling isn't currently a server-side setting, but user client side. Cosmetics, account settings and personal information aren't things that Discord can let other user change due to violations with privacy (if I could bring my best guesses to the table). Sadly, the noise canceling currently falls under those account settings that are protected behind the user's personal settings. Unless they change this in the future, I don't know how they'd offer something like this, but it's a great request that I'm sure many people will greatly enjoy! Alternatively, rules can be made in servers that require members to enable their noise canceling and server moderators can remove anyone from voice channels who don't comply. That's something I've done with my servers and it's been quite effective!


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